Comcast argues that charging customers more than the advertised price isn't false advertising


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Please, copy & repeat in 49 other states.


I hope to Dog this lawsuit changes things. There’s nothing worse than bullshit “fees” that just used to hide the real cost. Like separate “equipment fees” where you can’t chose not to have the equipment or have any choice of equipment - that’s just part of the damn cost, damnit.


I hate Comcast. I wish I could dump them. But they are the fastest internet here. I have my plan cut down to as basic TV crap as I can, but the fastest Internet. And they still slap on the extra fees and junk I don’t care about. It’s maddening.


LOL, “Regional Sports Fee” even when I don’t even subscribe to any sports channels.


“Regional bullshit fee”
“Individual bullshit fee”
“Fee for imposing so many fees fee”

“Fee for questioning our monopoly fee”
“Fee for paying the previous fees fee”
“Fi fi fee fee fees fee”

“Fee fi fo fum, I smell the blood of a dum-dum fee”


This is basically the GOP business model.

First, cut essential services and the people who provide government services.

Second, brag about lowering the cost of government.

Third, add and raise “fees” for everything possible that was formerly provided, but under no circumstances do they ever call it a tax.

Essential corollary…cut property taxes on all wealthy residents, and replace the lost operating income to the government by raising sales taxes which are disproportionately paid by the middle and lower income citizens.


I can understand the cable giants playing monopoly and shoveling in the charges, back when they had a monopoly. But now? Where’s the “smart” in strangling the customers who haven’t left?

We enjoyed watching a few shows, but a few years ago we tried an experiment and cut the cord.
For a while we watched Amazon Prime, tried Hulu, and watched several shows via youtube and other free streaming sources. Yeah, the signal can be crappy. Sometimes its so bad the show’s not worth watching. But guess what? It stopped being important. There’s e-books, there’s computer games, there’s hardware projects to build. There’s bike rides. There’s looking at blogs and social media, if we’re lazy.

I’m a little bothered by the fact that the pressure of so many viewers walking away has resulted in TV reportedly improving. When I think about all those thousands of hours I wasted watching the mediocre stuff… It’s OK.


Don’t forget the “fee recovery fee”


“Fee for forgetting the fee recovery fee”

“Hahah! There goes a weasel! fee”


“Oh you bitched about us on a blog and we tracked you down fee”


I’m putting up with lamentable over-the-phone-line speeds (180 kbs tops) just to avoid Comcast.


No, comcast, it is…


of false advertising!


Wish I could. Need fast up/down for work. I might look into a business line.


My internet service with them was fast, but unreliable. Their field techs were reliable. Their equipment and especially their phone team - totally unrealiable in ways that have set a new low bar in my relations with corporate entities.

If I didn’t think it could be mistaken as menacing I’d send them their equipment back with several bags of these:




If you have cellular coverage and cost is secondary, look into unlimited data packages with a jetpack or similar wifi router. I have one on a major carrier and it’s totally sufficient for most things work related. I’ve heard I can get an even better deal, one without a monthly ‘not a cap’ after which point my data isn’t prioritized - but I will wait and see what the market brings. my up down is fantastic for about a week and a half a month, and then gets noticeably slower the rest of the month. I’d pay double to just not have that ‘not a cap’, but I don’t believe that is an option with my carrier. Shop around, as the mobile internet is plenty fast, and amazingly mobile.


“You hurt our fee fees fee”


As always, the obligatory XKCD…


One part of my job is helping build (in a really tangential way) “The Network”. All of them. So, cell coverage is always good at job sites. I could probably get 6 bars of cell signal and some mild cancer on those sites. But really, it’s come a long way the last few years. The capacity is a little stunning, and since I live in the greater northeast corridor there aren’t many ‘dead zones’ left.