Beware unexpected extra charges added to your cable bill

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Comcast can suck my left tit. I’ve never had a company so consistently fail on their promises. I cancelled.

They need to be split into at least 10 overlapping firms, competing with one another. Split the programming from the broadcasting from the internet. Sharp scalpels to cut the charter to ribbons.


Don’t forget about bill creep. Comcast is infuriatingly awful and I feel trapped. Fuck you Comcast.


You aren’t! Check out some of the 4G options. Works out for me, because I don’t watch cable. Fuck Comcast. In Deed.


AT&T UVerse used to charge this “HD FEE” as well.
I just went to my most current bill to confirm it and was very surprised that it was not there.
No, this does not mean UVerse is “better”.

Don’t most of those 4G options come with caps and overage fees? That eliminates them for me.


‘most’ implies that you know there are at least one that doesn’t, and would consider that one.

So, that one:

I’m not selling the service, but your seemingly reflexive doubt makes more sense to me 3 years ago.

Ok snarky one, let me rephrase. I can’t find a 4G service without caps. Do you know of one?


I hear good things about the new Boost plan. I myself have two hotspots with other carriers, only because of my legacy contracts.


Boost mobile is $50 per month for 10GB of data. That’s pretty bad. Even the “unlimited” mobile plans slow you down after 22GB of data. Maybe someday wireless internet will be viable but I don’t think we’re there yet by a long shot.


thanks for that ‘in my coffee this morning’. Be well Bigkahuna.

I hope you find what you came here looking for.

“Beware unexpected extra charges added to your cable bill”

File under “No fucking shit, Sherlock.”

It is why everyone is cutting cords. It is why NN is important. It is why they want you to make their billing automatic soooo bad. That reminds me, I know I need to revisit my Comcast bill, as it has been awhile and I know those fuckers raised by rates.


It’s not just Comcast. They all suck.

I have Frontier FiOS and it’s just a different kind of shitty from Comcast’s shitty. But make no mistake about it, it’s still shit.


These kind of dumb charges are nothing new. Bell Canada charges extra for touch tone service, a legacy of the 1960s, even though it’s been standard on all their equipment since the 1970s.

In the 1990s, they finally added software to their system to be able to turn it off for people not paying the extra charge. I told them to take a hike, switched my push button phone and modem dial strings to use pulse. (Bell reps seemed to think you needed touch tone if you had a computer. “No.” “Oh but sir” “No.”)

Later they managed to have the regulators let them dictate that all new phone accounts must have touch tone and pay the fee. I wonder if they even break it out to a separate line item any more.

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OK I’m going to say I like Comcast. Before I had over the air free tv, now I can watch baseball and auto racing, plus a few other shows I like and a bunch I just kind of space out on. Before my internet was either dial up or data restricted cell service. Both were unreliable and I couldn’t stream much if anything. At least on the promotional rate it’s still expensive, but satelite and ATT don’t offer anything cheaper or better. Really my only complaint is the price. Would be nice if I didn’ have to pay for the channels I don’t watch.

Is there more than one ISP in your area? I had one wired choice, and that’s true across my state (with one or two exceptions, where there are a whole two ISPs available).

Without net neutrality we’re going to find ourselves reading online dictionaries where this is the definition of ‘competition’.


I don’t have a cable bill, mainly because I don’t care for teevee.


I’m lucky enough to have a choice of 4 different ISPs (not including wireless offerings). They all suck, so I went with the least sucky offering. I’m far from a happy customer, though.

I fully understand how much worse it is when you basically have no choice.


Wait till he sees the new “YouTube fee” when NN officially ends


Technically I could pay Comcast the same amount for a year contract and get HBO and the same internet speed I have now, and a horrible cable tv box I don’t want with less channels and lower quality than I pick up with my ordinary digital antennae. But fuck that noise… Paying about $75 a month for high speed only. Tempted to just go unlimited LTE wireless in Seattle for my primary internet, but T-Mobile doesn’t inspire me. Anyone try completely cutting the landline and running their LAN over cellular?