The true story of Diablo II, legendary action RPG


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Somebody post a condensed summary of cool quotes. I’ve skimmed through the first page and it’s pretty meh so far.


Diablo II was a complete disappointment to me after Diablo I. When I finished the first major quest area and it had beams of sunlight enter the cave to show how I had banished the evil there, that was fun.

But then the cave was once again chock-full of monsters when I went back there to pick up some treasures I had not been able to carry out on the first visit. So all that “feel good about how you are pushing back the darkness” bit was turned into a hollow lie. I uninstalled the game in disgust, sold it, and have never been tempted to try it again.


It’s no Nethack…


I too lost hundreds of hours to this game, first solo and then online. Cheaters/hackers ruined the online experience, but until then, it was awesome. I met some great friends there and we would regularly team up for loot runs or to go against others in pvp. Such good memories.


I think the true magic was the excellent difficulty curve, the oppressing darkness, and the tremendous design in class development.


Now if only D3 kept the design aspects of D2. I liked how it was gritty and real world. Only big fantasy weapon I can remember was crystal swords, but everything else looked like it was from a historic reference book.

Now D3 has comic book art with daggers that look like they were drops from WoW.


I loved D2 back in the day! One co-worker got us all hooked on it, and all six of us in our department were playing like crazy. Ah, that was a fun time, fun memories!


I played a lot of D2. Great game.

The best weapon in the game, of course, was the Dirk called, naturally, “The Diggler”


I believe it’s Hot Topicality


Great, this is all I need, a post about Diablo II on the Boing Boing bbs, why don’t you throw in a link to tvtropes while you’re at it and ruin my next six months while you’re at it! :stuck_out_tongue:


As you request, sir

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Only finished it once & still haven’t touchd the LoD expansion, although I’ve finished the first game a bunch of times. Avoided D3 due to the online requirement, although the console releases are supposed to be good.

Of course, I’m replaying The Witcher 3 so I’m not sure I should start another timesink right now…

(oh, and I’m not bitter about getting immediately destroyed in the cow level and losing all my gear, no sir)


Act II of D2 is still my favorite part of the whole series. The game broke away from the faux-medieval Europe cliche and had maybe the hardest end-boss in the game (because of the very limited space available to fight him in), plus the awesome Horadric Cube.

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You do know that the first Diablo had respawning enemies too, right? At least once you quit the game for the day and came back to it? Or were you being facetious?

I also preferred the first Diablo, though. While the second one had better graphics and gameplay design, the first one had a certain oppressive claustrophobic atmosphere, and you really felt like you were being drawn down into hell step by step, growing ever closer to something terrible and unknowable. The second one, while still very gritty and gloomy, was a little more actiony and optimistic, sort of the Judgment Day to Diablo I’s Terminator. And the third one, while still a lot of fun, really threw away any last remnants of being scary or realistically gritty. I enjoy playing it, but it doesn’t draw me in or leave a mark on me.


You sir, truly are evil. :wink:

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