Diablo 1, classic action RPG, receives HD update




You should probably be more clear and mention that this is a mod. Not an official HD update/expansion.


Maybe after Gauntlet.


You think that’s bad? Someone’s done another remake of Gauntlet.


Hey, here’s another thing you won’t be able to do with Diablo 3. Rejoice at the future of gaming!


This is an important distinction. Blizzard doesn’t even sell the original Diablo any more, and are the last ones who would release any kind of update.


D2 is still up an running and the last patches were pretty awesome. It’s still the best stratch for a Diablo itch by far.


Then why link it?!?!?!! This is like linking to tvtropes.org, or waving a drink in a recovering alcoholics face! just plain nasty and mean.

I never finished Diablo I and it still stings!


Now you have a chance!


You know, I’m getting so upset by all these 6/10 gauntlet sequels and reboots. It’s high time I fixed this situation.


I thought that gauntlet remake looked like it might be okay… that is to say I might buy it during some Steam summer sale when it costs $2.


Sweet. D2 had some good gameplay enhancements (your character being able to run was the the best thing for me) but the first game had amazing atmosphere that the second couldn’t touch.


That’s my thought, too. One of the main appeals of Gauntlet for me, way back in the day, was that I could play it for hours on a single quarter. Seems wrong to thrown $20 down on it (and never mind all the other unplayed Steam games I’ve already got).


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