Diablo III for Nintendo Switch? Yes Please!

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Before anyone says otherwise; the console ports are the definitive version of the game.

I have not played it on console. I have played it on PC much like most of my love affairs … briefly and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I have wanted to try the switch, but the cost off the ground seems like rilly rilly high.


Breath of the Wild is so good though. So good.

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All I can tell you about the game is that it induced one of those great tidal-waves of fury when it came out due to some sort of auction house.

As much as I love the Necromancer class, it’s really OP. But sometimes it’s wonderful to tear through everything like it’s made of tissue paper.

And there was a big kerfuffle over how colorful it was compared to the other two. I didn’t start playing until after the auction house had been excised.

I recently picked up the Super Nintendo styled 3DS that was mentioned here awhile back, grabbed a few games for it, and now I may finally be tempted to get a Switch… after we get a new dishwasher, and do a few other home improvement projects. Because yeah, it’s a bit pricy, and I can’t quite justify it.


DIII is really…
… not all that.



I found it to be kind of dull. The battles were easy and not that memorable.

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Yeah. Naw. I have it for PS4 and i became super frustrated with it because it does not sync your progress with PC. Also if you already own the game on other platforms… well you have to buy the game again. No thanks. Plus particular features from the PC version aren’t available on consoles. Definitely not spending my money a 3rd time on this.

Ugh. I loved loved loved loved Diablo II. III was boring. Think I died … five times during the whole campaign? After a while, my demon hunter (or something like that) got so much health back for each hit (and there were many hits when using fast-shooting projectile weapons with scattering projectiles) that my health orb barely ever dropped below full. Even boss fights were tame, dull and boring. I’ve played through DII so many times (not to mention going back again and again for better loot), and it almost always stayed challenging. This never was, and I’m not bothering trying it again, so I guess I’ll never know if it can be.

D3 on the harder difficulty levels its easy to be one shot or nearly one shot. You do gain health back like crazy but you lose it just as fast depending on what class you’re rolling. Some specific classes are super difficult to play solo but are more viable with a group.

That being said i agree that i enjoyed D2 infinitely more. The last one was ok, but the story is forgettable and uninspired and the gameplay and tempo of the game is samey

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I really liked D3 on PS4. However the leveling by repeating the same levels over-and-over followed by daily events by repeating the same levels over-and-over and then weapon and item farming by repeating the same levels over-and-over and then the seasonal events, which you have to repeat the same levels over-and-over
well, its all a bit repetitive isn’t it?

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