The ultimate DMCA takedown fail

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Going back to his original fraud case here, but what the fuck kinda bank let him provide his own corporate records, property records, etc? When I worked in commercial lending, the bank did their own due diligence, including fetching corporate records from state databases and researching the collateral real estate using title insurance to ensure proper chain of title, verify any encumbrances, etc. The fuck was wrong with this bank? Not saying Henrik and his brother Hamlet shouldn’t have been punished, but that bank needed to eat it, big time.


The great thing about the DMCA is that it can be used to create a special case of the Streisand Effect.

Still one of my favorites is the way Slashdot (a previous generation of the site) responded to one such request:

Once something’s in the public record, it’s pretty hard to pry it off.


Was it Wells Fargo? That would at least make sense.

Exactly this is possible in Europe through the IMHO questionable “right-to-forget”…

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