The unparalleled bug art of John Hampson

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It’s unparalleled.


On one hand it’s a cool technique.

On the other hand. . . insect apocalypse.


Just so long as he leaves enough bugs for the shiny on Junior Mints

As a side note: the interviewer in this vid is Will Clinger from WTTW Chicago. He was just on our local news last week because he was mugged on the El train. Luckily, he escaped with frazzled nerves and a nasty black eye. A lot of mugees aren’t so fortunate.

This place has a very similar vibe to the Natural History Museum at Tring (not the big one in London, of course).

For facts, but few pictures see Natural History Museum at Tring - Wikipedia

For pictures, google Tring Museum. See what I mean? No bug sculptures, but it does have fleas wearing clothes…

That is one very disturbed man who saw every Rorschach test as a squashed bug.

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Cool find. I added it to my list of places to visit. It’s less than 90 minutes away for me.

Disappointed. I was expecting to find works of art painted ON bugs.

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