The US Copyright Office is the poster child for regulatory capture


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I voted for Obama in 2008 because he promised to eliminate this kind of problem. So much for that.


This system has been unsustainable for a long while.
Colour me a pessimist, but I’m not convinced it’s about to change.


This is the problem with both Dems and Reps. They both support copyright extremism (i.e. the status quo).


Seems to me every US regulatory agency is like that. What you can’t change, control.


Can you link to the html page linking the pdf, rather than to the pdf?

I currently use Firefox, so pdfs don’t appear in the browser, and it’s impossible to navigate from pdf pages to the rest of the site. (And I have tried other browsers, but most have more animation, and less animation-blocking tools.)


Sonny Bono reaching out from the grave to take this post down in 3.2.1. because it infringes on his future copyright profit rights. Mickey Rat is proconsul.


My goodness, it’s all so true. Many, many people connected to power and influence in Washington have also worked other places:

Is there not something we can do about this?


Campaign finance reform?


I just want to point out that “white-hot smoking guns” don’t just smoke. They actually fire randomly (when they don’t just explode or melt down). Thanks in advance. Your metaphor police.


I’m also using Firefox and it does have in-browser PDF display if you tell it to do that through menubar > Tools > Options > Applications > Portable Document Format (PDF): Preview in Firefox. This one is showing in the browser for me. Sometimes I get some that won’t though, maybe some problem with content type, I don’t know.


I don’t have Tools > Options


OK, I’ll PM you here on the forum.


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