Obama on Sony Hack: "Sony made a mistake," internet needs "more regulation and control"




How will more regulations help when the source of the attack is in another country, i.e. North Korea?


Way to go, Mr. Most-Transparent-Administration-In-History President.

In a few days we’ve gone from Sony and major theater chains being cowards to the POTUS calling for government control of the internet.


Great Firewall of Obama?


Their mistake was crappy security. Withholding the movie was cowardice in the face of bullying.


(Putting on my tin-foil hat)

Doesn’t it all seem a bit too convenient?

  1. Sony green-lights a movie that doesn’t seem that funny, and could easily provoke the subject. Who is known to be none too stable.
  2. Sony gets hacked by agents unknown.
  3. Obama uses hack as an excuse for more internet regulation.

Cui bono? For all we know, the hack against Sony really originated at the NSA. In the end, we only have NSA’s word (where do you think the FBI and DHS got their info?) that it came from N. Korea. And I certainly wouldn’t put it past the intelligence establishment to make US citizens collateral damage in the cause of greater censorship and control.


No, withholding the movie was profit motive, that great white libertarian whale. No major theater chain would carry it. They determined that they would lose less money by not releasing it — the insurance money they get might even make it more profitable than it would otherwise have been. The political considerations are not Sony’s problem, especially if it means SPE drags the rest of the corporation down — Sony hasn’t been doing very well in general.

Wingnuts being pissed at Sony doesn’t mean a whole lot. They already think Hollywood is full of punishable-by-death traitors. Just greenlight a new superhero comic book movie and see how long a boycott lasts.

Completely scary that Obama is using this to call for new regulation, though.


They could release it for free online, not lose a penny more than they will already lose, and flip the bird at the bully.


Next time some moron advocates “Net Neutrality” as a solution to a non problem remind them of this 0bamaism. Every once in a while 0bama slips and tells the truth. Progressive/Liberal/Democrats hate the freedom of the internet and are desperate to control it. The internet is the greatest threat to “Progressivism” in its entire pathetic History.


Im right there with you. I have been very suspicious of these attacks for a while now, especially the banking attack. The US spooks have proven they are just as interested in stealing domestic data as they are with foreign data. Eventually they get caught and it seems within 24 hours of the FBI/CIA getting involved a convenient scape goat is blamed, furthering other agendas. Win/Win for the spooks! Meanwhile Mr and Mrs Anyone USA grow increasingly frightened of Iran, NK, or whoever and “forget” the US is the biggest cyber threat on the planet and instead demand that we further give away more freedoms.

Why should the government/corporate masters show their hand with force against resistance, when instead they can easily bluff/scare the citizens into doing exactly what they want?


Im confused. You don’t think corporate control (and the ensuing censorship) of the internet is a problem?


When we start blaming the United States for faking a North Korean terrorist threat and putting its own citizens at risk so that it can pass some new laws regulating the internet (whatever that vague phrase might mean), we’re going down a dangerous road.


It’s a problem of trust, or rather lack of it.If the security state says it’s sunny outside, we’d all better look out the window for ourselves.
Nobody believes a word they say anymore, so people fill in their own blanks, and from their past history, the tinfoil hatters have as much chance of being as accurate as the official story.


I sincerely hope that when there’s a blank to fill in, I never get to the point where I default to assuming that there are vast, terrible conspiracies involving the Evil President and his wacky schemes to sacrifice Americans in order to pass Evil Laws while cackling and rubbing his hands together.


So do we all, my point was that neither story is likely to be correct.


Corporate Control can be dealt with using market forces. When Govt decides, thats it… Only really stupid people thinks Govt is a force of good. Its just FORCE…


No need to assume, there is precedence:


I still dont fully understand, but im starting to believe we dont view net neutrality the same way.

Do you believe net neutrality equals government control? If so, why?


Speaking for Liberal Democrats everywhere, you’re right. I am desperate to control and censor the internet so the brilliant words of leaders like Louie Gohmert can’t get out there. If America heard what he has to say, the people might wake up to the real plans of Our Glorious Kenyan Marxist Leader. Or they might just suffer debilitating fits of laughter.

Wait… you’re opposed to Net Neutrality, but you’re in favor of it because Liberals hate it? See, it’s dangerous ideas like this we Moonbats are desperate to censor. Except… what if we’re just pretending to hate Net Neutrality so Real Americans will favor it, and then we can go “psyche!”


Can’t wait for the first person who claims, “Guardians of Peace was a false flag!”