The values gap between America and Europe


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The “human” option should have been allowed. My answer to "What do you consider yourself first “Nationality” or “Religion” would have been a resounding “Fuck You”.

But they wouldn’t have asked me in that one, since I def don’t identify as Christian.

It doesn’t matter much whether a person identifies primarily by nationality or religion, they’re both vulnerabilities that may allow some slick asshole to create the “other” for you and your neighbours, and even really smart self-aware people get swept up in that shit if they aren’t careful.


Even a poorly-crafted, subjective question can highlight difference, because it’s poorly-crafted for everybody equally. Probably.


Are you an American, or an American’t?


Hey I’d totally not be an American, but that would require me to give 50%+ of my money and stuff to the USA for the privilege.

Sure we’d all hope the common refrain of “love it or leave it” was a accurate assessment of options, but no, you can’t not be a US citizen so easily if you already are one, you have to pay through the nose.



The incidence of ultra-religious inclinations being intertwined with ultra-nationalist inclinations is too common for the question to be the right one to ask. For many, being an American means being a Christian and vice versa. “Europeans are godless commies” and all that.


True I should’ve said “some slick asshole with a survey”


As an european, the dychotomy that I find most ridiculous is the suggestion that you have to choose between a state that helps people in need OR a state that respects your freedom to pursue your life’s goals. Why can’t you have both?


I hate those guys!

As for the values gaps, I think another, and maybe even bigger one is that between individualistic and communal values. Most Americans really do seem to think (a la Ayn Rand) that if everyone would just get out there and pursue their own selfish interests, society and the economy and indeed the whole world would hum along just great.


So you aren’t content with the freedom to die in the gutter of your choice free from government interference? Commie.


“values gap”

I have a hella lot of those hanging around somewheres.


“Fuck you, I got mine” is exactly how and why we have the field of GOP candidates that we currently do.


Yep, AND why even many democrats are leery of that “socialist” Bernie Sanders.


I though most dems are leery of Bernie because his platform is way too ambitious given he’d have to have a senate and congress that would vote against their financial backers (regardless of party).


Er no, most dems don’t look that far into it all.


Well the state guaranteeing nobody is in need really interferes with the pursuing life’s goals without state interference if life’s goals are that THOSE people should be in need.


To maybe help explain Typical American Thinking: a state that helps people in need uses tax money to do it, and if you have less money (because of taxes), you have less ability to pursue your life’s goals.

I mean, sure, it’s a false dichotomy, but that doesn’t stop us!


For so many of the Americans that I know, it’s even simpler: taxes cost me money, so taxes are bad.


Good thing I’m not a Democrat.