The W3C, DRM, and future of the open web

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Is there a point of contact that myself and others who feel similar can reach out to at the W3C? Is something like that even an option?

There is nothing for browser makers to sue people over. EME doesn’t handle any of the actual DRM, it’s just a plugin API.

So no, the W3C isn’t making DRM, any more than the creators of a programming language or operating system are making DRM.

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If that’s the case then the W3C should have no reason to not support a pledge not to sue. The very reticence to adopt a pledge to not sue EME researchers on DMCA grounds indicates that some stakeholders DO think that they could in the future to use the DMCA to target people looking into EME implementations.

And seriously, if a coffee grounds and garage doors can be covered by the DMCA then I won’t be holding my breath to see a court agree with your interpretation of EME w.r.t. DRM and the DMCA.

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