'The Walking Dead' Season 4, Episode 7, 'Dead Weight': Review


I’m with Romero on this one. I like zombie shows, but this is just a soap opera that happens to have some zombies.

Interview with George Romero - http://www.bigissue.com/features/interviews/3181/george-romero-interview-walking-dead-just-soap-opera-occasional-zombie

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the gov finally got a tank. i’m still waiting for the cannibals to eat dale’s legs.


Ugh…so what we are getting now is the final confrontation between the Governor and the prison that should have happened at the end of Season 3-- meaning the first 7 episodes of Season 4 were pretty much a waste of time. And here is a list of the utter, intelligence-insulting implausibilities of the governor’s comeback:

1). So, with all of these groups out there so close together murdering each other for supplies, how could Lily, Taylor Megan and their old man possibly have survived two years in that apartment building with a big old food truck pulled up to it? Talk about an extremely tempting target.

2). How could Martinez not immediately put a bullet through the Governor’s head knowing what a monster he is? He certainly wasn’t squeamish about killing when he was at Woodbury.

3). But worst of all: how are we supposed to believe that the Governor is going to convince this group of survivors, who hardly know him, to assault the prison when his followers at Woodbury balked?

And all of this is now apparently going to build up to a big battle in which a bunch of characters (except for a handful of the original Season 1 survivors) who have not properly been developed to the point where the viewer has anything invested in them are going to be killed. I hate to say it, but this show is rapidly becoming unwatchable despite continuing to have some very good individual scenes.

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The battle with the cannibals was one of my favorite parts of the novels. Too bad ol’ Dale is already worm food.

How come there are no fat zombies? Does a zombie lose weight if they don’t eat?

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The ‘well walker’ in Season 2 was pretty tubby.

The way I see is that the first 7 episodes of season 4 have been great, all the way up until the governor showed his face. Most of season 3 and the last couple episodes were the waste of time. I really enjoyed this season more than I have any of the others mostly because the struggle for survival came up front and center. It seemed like anyone could die at any moment. All the interpersonal drama of last season is soo played out already.

All I know is:

Never trust David Morrissey.

I call professional jealousy.

And? Running away from and killing zombies isn’t exactly a plot (which was basically the plot of the Living Dead).

I always used the zombie as a character for satire or a political criticism and I find that missing in what’s happening now.

  • G. Romero

Yeah I’ve heard that quote before. I don’t find his films quite as cerebral as he apparently does.

[quote=“Mister44, post:14, topic:15037”]
Yeah I’ve heard that quote before. I don’t find his films quite as cerebral as he does
[/quote]You get to call dibs on “cerebral” when you do it first. Everyone else has to settle for “derivative.”

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when Michonne and Hershel hopped in the Jeep and went out without any preparation, it was clear they would get in trouble. They keep going out with no preparation, in unreinforced vehicles, without even grabbing extra weapons on their way out the door.

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I suspect they’ll just put Herschel in that position. I mean, they already subbed him in for the leg thing.

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