'The Walking Dead' Season 4, Episode 6, 'Live Bait': Review


At first he doesn’t trust anything, throwing out a plate of Spaghetti-O’s for fear of poison.

In the follow-up Talking Dead episode, David Morrissey claimed he dumped the Spaghetti-O’s because he didn’t want to be indebted to anyone, not out of fear of poison.


Anyone else think the new character, Lilly, looks shockingly similar to Maggie? It’s almost a little distracting, though I have to assume it’s coincidental.

The Walking Dead has flaws. The writing isn’t the best. The characters can be thin or even annoying. Don’t get me started on split seasons. With that said, the Walking Dead is one of the few shows I watch. I look forward to every episode. I sometimes wonder if this reviewer even likes the show or just reviews it because he has too.

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I feel that there are many people who have a kind of sunk-cost fallacy about this show and just want to see it through to the end*. And I think that is the current state of tv, ‘well crafted’ continuous story shows that people become attached to – the stuff that’s pulling the talent away from movies, simple ‘throw-back’ type sitcoms where you don’t need to see every episode – but it helps, and mindless trashy (and/or educational) reality tv for when you want to turn off your brain – I would include 24-hour cable news networks here.

*I find their complaints & snark to be more entertaining than the show.

Also I read the comics up until Tony Moore (the artist) left, then after that it seemed too generic to me, and I will watch the show with other people, but I just find it too tedious to follow.

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I really liked this episode. It seemed like the first one in a while that had something to say. I disagree with the reviewer that the intervening months should have been shown. The state of things is made pretty clear: the Governor is an empty shell of a man, so filled with self-loathing he can’t even look at himself in a photograph, who’s going on autopilot. That’s all we need. If you want months of a character who can’t seem to snap out of it, look at the Rick arc. Boring as hell.
Part of me hopes that now the man has something he wants to defend rather than just a reminder of his loss he’ll realize what’s best for his new companions and send them to the prison group but I guess it’ll depend on what happens next and how much of the Governor will resurface in “Brian.” With how things stand now the outlook isn’t good.

I just wanted to say that stabbing someone in the head is often not fatal. People have walked into the ER with 4" of knife blade snapped of in their brain.

Now that you mention it, they both have the same hairstyle (one that requires a very good hairstylist to get right, and grows out of the cut and starts looking shaggy very quickly).

Yes, I notice things like that. It’s been a few years now since the zombies took over: most everyone should be in ponytails or wearing bandanas at this point.

It’s a side-effect symptom of the virus that everyone on Earth has that makes them eventually become a zombie no matter how they die.

It makes their hair grow slowly and remain spectacularly styled. When they wash, the infected scalp releases a natural conditioner.

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