The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 4, 'Indifferent': review


This whole season has been the “The Carol Show - featuring Farmer Rick”. Carol has been the de-facto leader of the group, in as far as the children are concerned. I guess you could break it down like this, Rick, was the “indifferent” father figure worried more about bringing home the bacon (literally) , Carol has been the mother, who teaches and nurtures the kids - with knives and killing tips, Herschel of course wise sage Grandpa, and Daryl, the cool uncle, Glenn and Maggie fit in there somewhere but are mostly used as guard dogs. Now that the pigs are gone Rick needs to confront who he really is; I don’t think the killing/burning that Carol did really turned him against her, but her influence on the children especially Rick’s children; Rick is pretty much a selfish bastard, the only reason he is even in the group is that is a way to protect his family, and I do believe that if somehow, the Governor took his kids especially Carl, he would sacrifice every one of them to get them back. So back to Carol, she is what Rick would be without his kids, and I think that scares him, also now that Rick’s Farm has failed, he needs a new job and that Job is the Rickocracy. So I really liked this episode and all hail Rick.

I’m done with Rick. Selfish jerk. Everyone else gets to go a little off-kilter at some point, but the character who’s keeping her cool and taking on the tough decisions he abdicated? Oh, no, she’s gotta go. He knows a threat to his authority when he sees one.

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Totally agree with you.

I think she’s a lot tougher than he would be, and THAT’S what scares him.

So I recently heard about a Walking Dead spin-off, I wonder if this is how it begins, with Carol taking the leading role, by all accounts from what I have read, Walking Dead has a huge female demographic, much more than similar genre shows, so I wonder if there is enough “love” for Carol to carry her own show. I would watch it and I am a male type person. I have been wondering what else is going on in the rest of the world, I am getting a bit bored of Georgia.

Now that would be interesting. I’d definitely check it out (so that’s n=2 at this point).

I think scenarios like Walking Dead make it impossible to keep up the usual charade of “sugar and spice and everything nice”. All hands need to be on deck, which means the female characters get to play heroes too instead of just eye candy and/or victims. And NO HIGH HEELS. What’s not to love?

Good point.

As a northerner, I wonder if freezing temperatures in winter might have some sort of effect on zombies? Could be an interesting compare-and-contrast.

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I think the show needs an external threat or some greater goal they need to achieve, to keep me interested (the horde looks promising). Bickering and tension within the group as the only mcguffin, just makes it a reality show.

I agree, this seasons “big bad” is the zombie-flu, and I think that will be soon overcome, I am wondering if the Governor is some how behind this, in at least he may be dumping flu-zombies in their water supply.I am pretty sure because of this they will have to move out of Chateau du Prison, probably will have something dealing with the radio transmission directing them to a “safe haven”. I think they have spent to much screen time at the prison it is getting a bit stale as a story vehicle.

One more thing, who is feeding the fence zombies? I am pretty sure it is that little girl, because apparently zombies are a good replacement for ponies. I used to feed a raccoon cheetos when I was a kid, it also brought friends that eventually decided the crawl space under our house was a good place to hang out, and my folks were not pleased with the damage and pest control bills.

Ha ha Zombie-cicles, the only problem with heading North are all of the large cities, Me personally I would head West towards more remote locales like West Texas or a bit more north to the plains states. I have been wondering why they haven’t headed East for the coast, I am pretty sure zombies don’t swim very well and they could get a large boat or find some of those Barrier Islands near South Carolina. I know hurricane season would suck, but you could deal with that.


I knew Rick was planning on exiling Carol in the opening scene… he’s packing gas, supplies and it’s superimposed with the images of Carol killing Karen and David. As the episode progressed though, I thought I was wrong, but then when he tells her to take the gas, I realized that I had actually gotten it right.

I like to think that he was still making up his mind, and that if Carol had showed remorse, she could have stayed… but all she got was the titled Indifference… she did what she felt she had to do for the group, even if it was wrong. To do the safe thing.

We all know what Rick thinks about that philosophy. Shane had it, and although he didn’t kill him FOR that, it certainly deteriorated their relationship. And Carl gained it briefly too, when he killed that disarmed other-camper just because he was a threat. Carl, he had to take in hand, because it was his son. Carol… she was determined to make the ‘hard choices’.

And making the hard choices is often a selfish act, too. Not wholly, because you may well be doing it for the rest of the group, too, but primarily you’re doing it for yourself, because you don’t feel safe. Because who knows what the next ‘hard choice’ will be? Take a man in, he’s a mouth to feed… kill him and take his stuff, you keep your group supplied for a little longer. This aspect is subtly highlighted when Carol suggested she’d take the kids and go… that wasn’t what was about what was best for them, obviously it wouldn’t be safer for them to be out on the run, but she was thinking about herself.

No matter how you twist it, this was a bad decision on Rick’s part. What about Daryl? I believe he is going to be pissed. What about the committee? Rick can make decisions without the rest of them knowing? Yes, Tyreese might want to kill her, but the rest might have understood. Rick is just as guilty; he made almost the same mistake as Carol. We are not talking about a liberal fantasy world where pink bunnies and Skittles are all about. We are talking about a world full of destruction, death, pain, and suffering. Carol is a great leader that made a major mistake. With that said, what comes next? I believe Rick will see Carol on the drive back and she will be in trouble.

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I think Carol is covering for Lizzie. Carol will be back, no way she’s off the show. I bet Lizzie did it.

Getting to the ocean (and over it to different land) makes sense to me. West Texas, on the other hand, where drought is a constant, would not be a heading-point for me. Walkers don’t need water, but humans do.

In the show Revolution, for contrast, they don’t have the use of cars and motorcycles and the dangers from various roving gangs is omnipresent and yet the characters manage to travel pretty far distances. There doesn’t seem to be any long-term strategy discussed between the characters, EVER, on Walking Dead.

There’s no “journey” on Walking Dead anymore. They need to have a goal…not just live through the day.

spoilers ahead: i really lost interest with this show (but i can’t help but continue watching it) during the beginning of season 3…which is right about the time i started reading the comics (coincidence?). the differences in the governors story are pretty different. i mean, in the book andrea and the governor never even meet and andrea lives well into the next situation. and the fact that daryl and merle aren’t even in the comics leads me to believe that amc is using the name “walking dead” for their own means.

however, back to the show, i’m not surprised carol is gone. i mean, she did off herself in the comic by throwing herself at a zombie. she was damaged from the beginning. anyway, i’ve been waiting for the cannibals to show up and eat dale’s legs but alas, dale has been replaced with hershel and there have yet to be any cannibals in the show. i wonder if there will be a tiger!

it really does seem like amc is trying to stray as far away from the source material for their own purposes. i say “pfffflt…whatever”.

i think it’s time to put the show out of it’s walking misery.

the issue with islands is that, yes, zombies don’t swim well, but they also don’t have to breath. haven’t you seen Land of the Dead?

Those of us who read the comics know that there may very well be an important new goal (and strategy) revealed in this season.

The reason I think places like desert type terrains are, it seems they are always getting surprised by zombies in bushes, and heavy forested areas, get to a place where you have a clear line of site. It’s funny you mention Revolution, I was thinking the same thing, they seem to cover 1000’s of miles in what seems just days. That show pisses me off a bit, but this season is a tad better.

Good point…didn’t think of that!

Yeah, you probably right on both points. Although to me it was implied the little girl fed the zombies, maybe I just read to much into it.

My initial thought for this seasons story arc was that they had overcome the survival part and now it would focus on something like the struggles of building a community/society. But perhaps it’s more interesting if they never “level up to the next tier”.