The week in Pokemon: home invasions, armed robbery, police militarization

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And of course, this:

When my brain started combining the complexity of being Black in America with the real world proposal of wandering and exploration that is designed into the gamplay of Pokemon GO, there was only one conclusion. I might die if I keep playing.


Such a cool idea for a game but riddled with not so good answers to ‘what could possibly go wrong?’



Yesterday I spent around 8 hours just sitting on my park bench in the woods, spoofing my GPS to get extra steps in Pokemon Go. As people passed by, I’d just ask “Are you playing?” only two people out of several dozen weren’t. There’s a gym at the trailhead, and a Pokestop at one of the trailmarkers.


I’m excited as I now have a far better cover story for semi suspicious things I do while geocaching. Instead of saying, “I’m looking for tupperware hidden in a park using billions of dollars in satellite hardware” I can pretend I’m playing Pokemon and say “I’m looking for monsters that exist in my phone but nowhere else.”

I trust people will, at last, stop looking at me funny.


I’m looking for a gym. Yeah, it’s supposed to be right next to this stump.


I know the Cory is prone to hyperbole but I don’t see where ‘home invasions’ are happening based on the linked stories.


I wish I could double like this post.

The Election Day stops idea is genuinely brilliant though.


See also saving a family from a burning home, and a story (i can’t find right now) in which a player performs the Heimlich to save a toddler’s life in the park from choking on a grape.


I prefer to take the position the game is not a problem so much as this is a reflection on where society is broken and it’s peppered with a certain degree of media sensationalism… Kids of all ages walking around the neighborhood shouldn’t have a negative connotation, and if it does, maybe that’s the true problem…


Mt. Isa plod are on the case.


Before I left my volunteer job today, my boss started talking about Pokemon. I was like “Yeah, I caught Drowzee in the break room this morning.” Then my other boss said she never played because she was “too old” when it came out. She’s 10 years younger than I am. :stuck_out_tongue:


I assume that’s something to do with to the guy living in the former church that’s now a Pokemon “gym” - but he talks about it on fucking Twitter, where I find it impossible to gather together any kind of coherent, complete narrative about what’s going on, so fuck if I know if that’s something that actually happened or total hyperbole.


What the hell. I picked up a used copy of yellow way back when just to see what the raves were about. I have yet to play any of the 3ds ones. But I did play through Black/White. And I was in my 30s at the time. It is a pretty fun game.

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Yeah, I was 22 when Pokemon came out, and although I didn’t play the CCG, I did play the DS games. Which came out when I was … much older.

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I got hooked on the CCG for a few years when the kid was into it after getting cards for his bday. The CCG is fun and the official leagues are really low key and the emphasize having fun big time over winning. But the kid isn’t into playing anymore so we haven’t gone in a like 3 years.

I loved the starter deck tourneys where for your entry fee you got one of the new and depending on schedule still to be released starter decks and that was what you played with. Which was a nice level playing field and everyone was figuring out how to play the deck too. I would end up playing with the other parents who would play along with their kids instead of going off to do other things while the kids played. I miss it a bit.


I am 36. I missed Pokemon because I was too busy playing MtG. At the same time, I recognized how awesome Pokemon is as a cultural artifact; as such I was pretty keen on getting my (9yo) daughter into it.

I love the fact that it basically teaches kids to become little Linnaeians purely through intrinsic motivation. I love the way it makes kids want to learn to read (and not just prima forma, but because it is a means to a greater end). I love the shared sense of culture she gets from kids she has only just barely met.

In the last couple days, we have had a blast just exploring the neighborhood via Pokemon Go. I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t a game per se, but as a toy it is amazing.

Don’t let the negative press dissuade you; this is a wonderful example of futurist convergence. The best part is that you don’t even have to be a Pokemon fan to enjoy it.

(As an aside, there is something heartwarming about heading to a pokestop and seeing a half dozen other people with lit smartphones in their hands and stupid grins on their face when you make eye contact with them.)


I never played Pokemon; I was a little old, but mostly I think I was probably playing Doom around that time instead. But I downloaded the thing last night, because hey, it’s free, and I love the AR aspect. I caught two at the opera today during intermission :grinning: (and while I think I was the only one at the opera, we saw people all over the place downtown who were obviously playing).

My check engine light came on today, so it looks like I’ll be walking to work tomorrow :tired_face: But at least I can hatch eggs! Oh, and get some exercise, whatever.


Yeah, I didn’t find that with a quick look, but did find 4 young enterprising chaps who robbed at least 4 people at gunpoint at locations they gleaned from the game.