Pokemon player (seemingly) shot at while hunting virtual animals


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I’m torn. On the one hand I’m all for activity to curb our obesity epidemic, but on the other hand shooting at kids seems unsporting, no matter how comically they run away.


I’d be shocked if that video wasn’t completely staged.


Regarding the whole danger of playing Pokemon Go while black, my experience won’t directly compare but I’m hispanic, and with my fairly varied background i can look like a wide range of ethnic people (indian, muslim, italian are some i’ve gotten in the past). However when i’ve approached people while walking around town, before and after the advent of Pokemon Go, it seems that most people will find me non-threatening while i’m paying exclusive attention to my phone. I also tend to wear earbuds even if i’m not listening to music, but i’m weird like that.


My question is why are grown men with beards playing Pokemon Go? Are they some sort of new species of man child?


Experiencing a virtual world doesn’t give you free license to be stupid in the real one. That really is the moral of all of these Pokemon Go stories. The game itself isn’t bad, but man do people lack common sense.


Nope. Same type you’ve always rushed to judge for reasons having nothing to do with them.


their smiley faces lead me to believe you are 101% correct in thinking this was staged… but, I bet I’ll see a story on my local tv news tonight!


The Purge: Pokemon Edition.



Uh, because it’s fun and 26 year old men grew up with Pokemon and liked it a lot.

Why do grown men with beards like Mario, or Metal Gear Solid, or Doom?

Are you some kind of new species of judgemental butt?


I should not be giggling at this as much as I am.

Full Metal Jacket - Kill Women and Children with subtitles
Seems an odd way to kill women and children.


You just don’t kern them as much maybe?


Grown men don’t play games.

That would be ridiculous.


No, I’m an old species of judgmental butt.


Why do you hate fun? Are people only allowed to fondle guns and drink or something?

I still play Dungeons and Dragons as well as other tabletop role-playing games too (at least two nights a month).


ha ha, he said butt (giggles like a 5yo)

[but I’m probably alright: shaved and not playing pokemon : P]


Seemingly shot.

Actually, Pikachu used thunderbolt. It was super effective!