Watch as a driver playing Pokemon Go hits a police car


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I’m still perfecting the roll-by-PokéStop and it does involve pulling to the curb




The one time a body-camera worked. Huh.


No that’s what you get for paying attention to your stupid glowy thing instead of the road while driving a 2 ton death machine. He should feel lucky he didn’t kill anyone.
File under this is why we can’t have nice things.


Driver playing Pokemon Go hits a police car





I give my phone to my wife when I drive and we’re playing so she can grab stuff from the stops and I won’t need to worry about my impulse control. But we also tend to drive 5-10 in quiet neighborhoods/places, since if you fly along you can’t really do much (and eggs hatch better if you go slow). Better to just go to places with stops and get out though.


But I think the driver’s camera pov is funnier.


On one hand, Pokemon Go clearly exacerbates the existing problem of distracted driving.

On the other hand, it’s chock-full of satanism, CIA spooks, and ISIS recruiting.


Pokemon Go is a great two player game. I let my kid run the phone. If we cruise by some pokestops, she can hit them up while I drive. If there is a wild pokemon at a stop light, she is on it. Walking around I make sure she isn’t walking into traffic or off some steps. She gets to catch most of them, except for the harder one, and occasionally we try our hand a gym. And if we hit up a park for a poke stop or something, she gets to play a bit.


5000% agreed. I can’t even think too hard about the risks driving actually entails or I’d never be behind the wheel for any reason. Looking down at a phone trying to read ANYTHING (even map directions) is just asking to end up in a bad situation.

I used to think that most accidents happened when multiple people weren’t paying attention. I guess this proves that it can be a single-player game…


In downtown Round Rock last night (4 stops accessible from a coffee shop and always lit up = Pokemon paradise) there was a dad letting his two boys take turns catching things with his phone - it was adorable. I showed the kiddos some tricks to have an easier time catching things/manage leveling up. They were very impressed with my Vaporeon/Flareon/Jolteon sets. It’s also handy to have a small team for the gyms. My wife, daughter, and I can take down the weaker gyms, level them up and get three stronger ones in fast to keep it from flipping back over too quickly.


And so Nintendo’s effort to cull the human herd of its dumbest members sees fruition.


The worst part about playing Pokemon Go while driving is that you don’t even get distance credit towards hatching your eggs.


…the load screen is literally a sign telling you to watch where you’re going. This dumb__s (am I doing this right?) has no one to blame but himself.


And the follow-up…


I hope they didn’t go TOO easy on him. Granted wrecking mom’s car will probably have serious consequences but this clearly should result in a moving violation.


The idea that driving is something to do with your hands while your attention is elsewhere is stupid and deadly.

I’ve been hit by a cellphone idiot (no real damage, no thanks to his negligent ass) on the road, and many have been killed.

Part of this is because North Americans drive way too much, and it gets boring fast.

  • Get off the phone or get off the road!

There are buses available for Pokemon playing, Facebook navel-gazing, and urgent texts that “just can’t wait”.