Watch as a driver playing Pokemon Go hits a police car

  • If he’s lucky, hell make it to the station alive.

Oh, it was a white guy criminally negligent while operating a motor vehicle, damaging city property, and risking physical harm to police officers?

Yeah, I hope he gets a ticket or something!

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This is one of the reasons I love public transit. It takes an extra ten minutes to get to work, but it’s as close as I’ll get to having a private limo.

Let someone else drive. I got games to play.


I’m informed that limos don’t chaff your butt quite so much.

At least he wasn’t playing while SCUBA diving. This one was complete madness.


I see that loading screen for way longer than I’d like sometimes :frowning:

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It’s too bad that PTT didn’t gain more traction in the consumer market. Nextel was all about it in the aughts but when Sprint acquired them it languished. I think the nature of simultaneously talking and listening on the phone lends itself far more readily to mental distraction than asynchronous communications like CB radio. Something about how the brain works. Truckers and cops and paramedics and pilots have been successfully talking on the radio for what, 80 years now and AFAIK there’s never been a big problem with them getting distracted from driving/flying.

I’m impressed the cop was incredibly calm. Stupid STUPID game. And stupid people.

Don’t we all. I’ve taken to always carrying my camera so I’ve got another reason to wander around and annoy the local wildlife when the game inevitably decides it doesn’t like me anymore. I saw a neat bug yesterday :smiley:


When it’s being played the way it’s meant – walking around and exploring, being social, getting exercise, discovering new aspects of a neighborhood, meeting new people who share a common goal – there’s nothing stupid about it, really.

Driving while playing? Useless and stupid.


Yesterday’s down time was agonizing.


I’m sure most of us could use a laugh today. Be careful playing Pokemon during State Department press briefings:


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