The wild story of the first known Chinese person to live in Boston in the 1790s

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Even if you assume they were banging, this is not a very uplifting story all in all


Especially if you assume they were banging, because that leads to all sorts of questions about consent, power dynamics and age.


One of the original holdings of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts is John Singer Sargent’s “the Daughters of Edward Darley Boit.” Descendants of the family pictured, and described in the post, donated the twin vases seen in the painting to the museum in the early 20th C. They are evidence of the family’s involvement in the “China trade,” and all the compromised morals that probably entailed. I once briefly dated a Boit gal in Boston, who had the same red hair one can see in the painting.


Yeah my fill-in-the-blanks interpretation was that the guy liked having a sex slave so much that he went into the slave trade business himself.

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