The wonderful thing about capitalism


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They need some color options…


Late stage crapitalism


…is the wide range of choice it provides …

…so you spend half an hour there staring and comparing and trying to determine differences (there MUST be some) and then you realise there may be small differences in dimensions (apart from any other differences) so you go home and remove your existing seat and take it to the store to compare each display item side by side with your worn out seat, to try to find the closest match.

Been there, done that. (There was no mug or T-shirt.)


Thanks goodness! The mug would be icky.


In the U.S. there are two shitter-seat form factors and I presume this is becoming standard in other countries: Regular (or Round) and Elongated.



'Tis true, under capitalism there are lots and lots of different toilet seats available.

There are also lots and lots of different beers, bicycles, Android tablets, frying pans, T-shirts, and fountain pens too.

Wouldn’t life be more rational, more efficient…aw heck, more joyful…if some wonk in a windowless office had the job of deciding which one or two variants of each we were allowed to buy?


I LOVE my PhoneA, so much better than that crappy PhoneB. PhoneB fanboys are the worst and just refuse to see the clear benefits of the modern, advanced, and simply SUPERIOR PhoneA technology.


Eh also speaks to bland consumers, no? I imagine that most homeowners would be very uninterested in other colors. Myself, I went with red, because I am fancy.


Seems like it’s always either or with you. As if pure capitalism and pure communism are the only two options for organizing societies.


Maybe I don’t have the trained eye of a connoisseur, but that doesn’t look like lots of different toilet seats. It looks like one toilet seat 18 times. One toilet seat that was chosen to sit on the shelf 18 times by some wonk in a corporate office.



And there’s some studies out there that conclude that people don’t necessarily want that many choices


Nah. There’s a difference in color (slight), size, and shape. There’s also variances in hinge design. Just enough variation that you’d only notice that it wouldn’t fit on your toilet once you brought it home.




Lack of choice in toilet seats is a current peeve of mine.

I bought a ~$80 home depot special toilet that I actually love (as much as you can love a toilet). Its got a dual flush mechanism 1.2 and 1.6 (maybe 1.8?) gallons. 95% of the time I only need the 1.2 flush. But I digress…

The one thing I don’t like about the toilet is the flimsy seat. It works fine, but its cheap, thin and has nooks on the underside that collect droplets of splashback and particulates.

So I want to replace it, but I have been unable to find a seat that meets all of my requirements:

  1. Elongated
  2. Slow close
  3. Open front / horseshoe shape
  4. Cover (lots of commercial-grade seats sell without a cover)

Its crazy, I’ve looked through literally thousands of toilet seats on websites like amazon, home depot, ebay, etc and have not been able to find one with all 4 of those. I’ve looked at seats priced $20 to over $300. And still nada.


That there’s one of them metaphors ain’t it? :thinking:


I JUST went to Lowe’s to buy two toilet seats for my mom. Someone (probably her) purchased E seats for R toilets. Knowing my mom (who was born during the Depression), she bought them based on price, not function or correct size. I was actually surprised when she asked me to buy new ones. Finally!

I stood looking at the display for a good 15 minutes trying to decipher between the different options. Hmm… is a slam-proof seat worth the extra money? How will the cheap ones feel when you sit on them? And, that is the problem. You can’t sit on them. And, yes, they do feel different on your bum.

I ended up with the least expensive slam-proof seats.


Afterwards, does the Invisible Hand wipe your bum?