The World of Equal Districts


All it says to me is that people like living in places where the weather is nice, and don’t like living in places where the weather is extreme.


It makes it hard to compare population densities when they use mercator projection like that.


Anyone up for a game of Risk on this map? No? How about Diplomacy?


You jerk, I came here to say that!

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Or, can’ t live in places where agriculture is nearly impossible.

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I always forget how densely populated Sweden and Denmark really are. If that sound weird it’s because I’m Finnish and as you can see we are made part of the rural western Russia.

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You’re not just Finnish, according to this map you’re finished.


Beats rural Pennsylvania.

Nohting isn’t finished before it’s Finnish. We were a 3rd world Swedish colony before the Russians invaded. Weird to think that all my grandparents were born in Grand Duchy of Finland.

Pennsylvania has over twice the population and is about 1/3 the size of Finland. But I grant you that Philadelphia metro has more population then Finland so it’s propably quite empty out there in the rural parts.

I see it as Finland absorbing northern Russia.

Mercator is about the worst possible option for this kind of map. I’m not going to argue for Gall-Peters, but man, every other map projection is more suitable for this than Mercator.

Still cool idea, though.

Fenno-Ugrics would be the largest group in that region so yeah.

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