The world’s most portable solar oven, the Go is as ultra-resourceful as it is compact

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I looked into these about a year ago when I was looking for cooking options while camping that wouldn’t deplete my meager solar bank. Most of the reviews at the time said the thing either didn’t really work, fell apart, or wasn’t big enough to cook anything useful. I’ve never used one though, so maybe they were just anti-solar shills.

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I’m a very happy owner of a bunch of GoSun gear. The Go and the Fusion top the list, though.

Contrary to the first commenter’s research, we’ve found the Go to be robust and efficient. We often bolt ours to the backs of our kayaks to cook lunch as we paddle. Even without proper alignment, everything cooks just fine. Water boiling is a bit slower, but still works if you are not in a hurry.

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Looks extremely well thought out. But the only use case I can see is for people who like feeling good about saving the environment by buying things that they will only use a few times and then put in a landfill.

While this might prove useful and I might get one someday, a big part of my outdoor experience is cooking over and in open fire - just sayin’

If you take out the environmental part (just the feeling good part), you have summarized online shopping in a nutshell. Seeing something totally cool, buying it, never using it, selling it at a garage sale or something.

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