I cooked chicken with a solar powered stove

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I hope these catch on in Prospect Park. I’d love to take a run in the summer without choking on metric tons of charcoal smoke and lighter fluid fumes.

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I love my solar oven (Sun Oven), but even in Arizona, by October you can’t heat anything past about 3:30pm.

Mine tops out at around 330°, which is fine for doing all day cooking kind of stuff (it’s ideal for turning a huge piece of meat into something you can eat with a spoon).

Well darn, it’s cold and gloomy here in Cincinnati. I guess I’ll have to use my Ordinary™ stove, which costs nothing because the landlord owns it. But I’m making ropa vieja, so I win.



also, these don’t work so well at higher latitudes. I did the numbers to bring one to Burning Man, and it just wasn’t worth it.

These are fantastic in sunny climates close to the equator.

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The main thing is timing and consistent sun. They’re fine if you want to cook your lunch during the winter, for instance.

Please tell me the price is set to subsidize selling it more cheaply in the third world.

Pyrex is not a material. It’s a brand.
Things sold as “Pyrex” may be made of borosilicate glass ( which is heat-resistant ) or made of cheaper, non heat-resistant materials.


That is way cooler than the ovens we used to make in the Boy Scouts.

I’ve seen homemade solar ovens used very effectively on the playa. Probably didn’t cost any $279 either.

So where do I get the genetically engineered long tubular chicken to cook in it?

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