Joe Brown is living his best life cooking food on his car dashboard in Arizona's blast furnace heat

Originally published at: Joe Brown is living his best life cooking food on his car dashboard in Arizona's blast furnace heat | Boing Boing


It’s an old trick, but still sadly valid out here.


King of the Hill GOLD.

This seems like a better option than using the heat of the engine to cook food. Less likely to infuse the food with toxic substances, but at those temps I wonder if off-gassing of plastics/synthetic materials would contaminate the food, too.


And yet, despite myth and TV 's annual gags on local TV, you still can’t fry an egg on the sidewalks.

On the other hand, 114F is far from record-breaking. Newcomers are (rightly) impressed but 115F has been a routine summer temperature every summer I remember (limited by my lack of interest in the numbers until maybe 30yo, like 40 years ago.


Meh, I tried drying freshly harvested pear slices and figs on my dashboard in Texas, in 100°F+ summer weather in Texas. All I got was copious unfazed fire ants swarming the fruit and the tin cookie sheets I was using.

Thanks but the only thing I find useful about a hot car is for drying wet towels, and I do leave the windows cracked open a few inches to let the water vapor out.


I think it’s a (tied) record for that day of the year. It’s definitely been hotter.


Right, it’s not even summer yet, technically speaking.

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I moved to Phoenix for a year in June of 2009. We pulled into a gas station with our car completely stuffed with our things. I had a half-full bottle of rum I had thrown in at the end of packing between the window and a quilt. Another driver walked over, pointed to it, and told me I needed to move it, otherwise it would heat up, vaporize, and literally explode.

Phoenix is no place for sentient life forms.



When I was doing the traveling field repair tech gig, one of the decorations in the boss’s office was a bent and twisted ammo can that another tech was using to store the cans of air used for dust removal. One of the cans got too hot and exploded, taking out the ammo can and the tech’s car window. I ended up using a small air compressor for my dusting duties.

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Speaking from a Finnish perspective, a lot of the Southwest USA seems uninhabitable or nearly so, certainly for large numbers of people.

Your title fed into Midjourney:

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