TV weather guy keeps his cool when temperatures on map show up freakishly high




Yes, apparently one of those places was “hot enough” to melt Iron, at over 2,800°F. Not quite boiling (5,184°F), but really it’s a minor distinction in the grand scheme of biological life’s survivability.


A perfect meteorologist to the apocalypse. I’d be calmed by his soothing delivery.


But it’s a dry heat.


It’s Arizona. I can believe those temperatures are real.


Maybe it’s the devil coming to take his sheriff back.


You get good, solid evidence like this, yet people still say global warning is a myth…


Please stop it with the GIFs below the videos. Please.


The GIFs are a quick alternate for people who block video and need to unblock, a quick preview for us. Though I agree it is a hybrid of preview convenience and the godawful Netscape blink tag.


No surprise really, have you ever been to Wickenburg in summer? There’s a reason the old Vulture Mine went under…


I think that was a Celsius / Fahrenheit error - iron’s boiling (that’s 5184 F = 2862 C). I think we can forgive that, as it’s outside the area where most meteorologists have to do regular mental conversions…


I always wondered where the person who programmed the Mars orbiter ended up working…


Best ‘go-with-the-flow’ since George Carlin’s Al Sleet, the Hippy Dippy Weatherman. “Our radar shows a line of heavy thunderstorms approaching from the south, and a line of incoming ICBMs from the north… so I wouldn’t sweat the thunderstorms.”


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