The world's busiest air hub? It's Dubai, and it's fabulous


Oh boy! An airport where you can be arrested and thrown in prison for four years for unknowingly having a microscopic trace of cannabis on the bottom of your shoe while changing planes (or any of a number of other ‘drug’ crimes, such as having cold medications in your system). Yeah, sounds fabulous…

Fuck Dubai.

Sure, that terminal might be pretty, but it is just a gloss over a hideous ugliness underneath that boggles the mind.


Oh, sure, it all seems fabulous until you attempt to enjoy a beer between flights.

Far worse is the unadulterated slave labor that is responsible for Dubai’s explosive growth. The glamorous facade masks some very ugly, brutal truths and practices.


Slave-based economies are fabulous! Yay!!


Don’t get so excited, slave built monuments for the priveledged is a tradition as old as man.

I’ve read that Italy and Germany had very busy, but well run train systems in the first half of the last century. Can we read more about those, too?


The article didn’t make clear how they determined London and Dubai to be international hubs while Beijing and Atlanta to be domestic hubs. Both airports have significant international routes. Are they excluding domestic flights from the airport’s count in order to put Dubai ahead of the busier airports in Beijing and Atlanta? Seems like whatever metric they’re using it is a bit convoluted to get the result they want to fit the article.

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It’s just a count of international flights, isn’t it?

Edit: passengers, not flights.

as opposed to:

Not to mention if you’re carrying prescription medications that are illegal in Dubai, you have to dispose of them. You need a certified letter from your Doctor and current prescription.

Here’s a handy list many of which are simple over the counter drugs we travel with every day.

Dubai for all it’s space age tech, is still just a very rich irrational theocracy.
Oh…and don’t be gay.

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Interesting–I’m from Atlanta and didn’t realize there was a distinction made. Atlanta is a huge hub for domestic flights/connections, thanks to Delta. It’s also a major freight hub, thanks to the shipping port in Savannah and hosting UPS’s headquarters (and possibly due to its rail history? not sure on this, though), so I’m sure that contributes to its traffic count somehow.

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See what slave labor will get you?

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I wonder if those celebrities who were boycotting that hotel chain owned by the Sultan of Bruneii similarly go out of their way to avoid Dubai and UAE.

Personal experience: for all the problems of Mid-East airports, I’ve never had a problem getting a beer in the airport itself.

Going outside however, is something I’ve never tried, so I can’t speak to.

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Aren’t advertisements supposed to be marked as sponsored posts? I can’t imagine any other reason for inane gushing about Dubai’s “fabulousness” on the same site that routinely decries oppression in Eastern Europe, Russia, Syria, the U.S., etc.

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It is pretty and space^h5 resort-ey, but I not-heart this.

Please note that this is apparently only going by number of international passengers; Atlanta’s airport is still #1 by number of total passengers. I doubt that Dubai has many domestic flights, given that there’s nowhere to go in the country itself. Also. of course, the article reeks of the sort of money-soaked junket that Dubai has used to promote itself for at least a decade, if not more. I’m still waiting to read about some real reason to go there, “real reason” not including that lots of rich people have thrown their money at it or that they’ve got a couple of artificial islands in the shape of palm trees.

You think all those people are going to Atlanta to visit the Coke museum? Dubai’s airport is busy for the same reason Atlanta’s is: it’s a major hub for international travel (mainly between Asia, Africa, and the Middle East).

Also, I bet Xeni wouldn’t think it’s so fabulous if the workers came from Guatemala and not South and Southeast Asia.

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