The world's "free trade zones": hives of scum and villainy

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I mean, of course they are. How did the IMF et al think it would turn out any differently? (Unless that’s been the plan the whole time, of course)


The amount of stolen art believed to be in the Geneva Freeport alone is astonishing.


This, if true wouldn’t surprise me.

With the title of “hives of scum and villainy” I’m surprised Cory didn’t slip Mos Eisley spaceport into the list, but I suppose that would be too much whimsey.

“Deregulated” breeds crime. We’ve been shown over and over that things like corporations cannot be in charge of themselves. Without fail, when they are unregulated, they drift deeper into evil. Because they can, and it’s profitable.


The IMF knew exactly what would happen. And what is happening is exactly what they want. The IMF is made up of ultrarich oligarchs who control banks and finance companies and they don’t care one tiny little bit what happens to countries as long as they get theirs.


“Deregulated breeds crime” - absolutely correct. Whenever you have power and/or money with a lack of accountability it is inevitable that the scum of the earth rush in to fill the void.


Henry Kissinger, he of infamous memory for being Richard Evil Bastard Nixon’s tool, the one time when he was both lucid and honest, said that power does not corrupt. What corrupts is freedom from consequences. He was referring to the behavior or politicians, but his word is good on business and finance also.


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