The world's oldest pants are, frankly, kinda hippie lookin'


A good friend of mine has a terrible compulsive ebaying problem. Pretty sure she just bought these pants’ descendants. Like, multiple times.

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So these?

Pretty sure these are actually my freshman year of college roommates’. Aka the guy I also happen to be living with 18 years later. My house is getting renovated dammit, I’m not trying to hold on to my College experience!

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Zazzle should have the design copyrighted by the time I finish this sentence.

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Looks like he had a bit of crotch rot.

“oldest pants are, frankly, kinda hippie lookin’”

I think perhaps the causality ran in the other direction - that this is just the result when you try to make really low-tech pants

I showed my wife the pic and asked her “Hey! Know what’s special about these pants?” and she said “Did they belong to D.B. Cooper?”


They’d go great with these 2000-year-old socks designed for sandals.


Ah, say boy, ah say, pretty sure they’re designed for Foghorn Leghorn

One of the reasons given by the Romans for considering the Gauls to be uncivilized was that they wore trousers.

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I think it would be interesting to see a cleaned-up drawing of the cut. It is a bit hard to figure out like this.

I thought they looked a bit like this:

Kind of a drop-crotch thing.

Good grief, BB, you made me image search Bieber. [shake my fist]

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Well, the hippies were/are on to something.

Pretty sure I know this because Asterix.

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