The worst thing about feeding mosquitoes on your own blood


“They just walk around on your arm. You’re sitting there and thinking, ‘Seriously? I have things to do’,” says Chiara Andolina.

I’m not a big fan of mosquitoes, but it sounds like if there have to be mosquitoes these are the ones to have.

It’s just unfortunate that Andolina is the sole researcher who offers up her blood, except on those occasions when she’s out. I realize it takes time to build up her level of resistance, but her fellow researchers should be willing to step up.

I could probably sub for her with no problem…
My wife on the other hand gets giant welts that last forever when she just thinks about the little blood suckers.

Mosquitoes have good reason to be careful.


I used to have the same problem with my son. Dinner time was over an hour ago, little dude.


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