Theme song for Bewitched has lyrics, here's Steve Lawrence singing it


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Thanks for posting the Dick Van Dyke video. That guy always puts a smile on my face.


Is this like the Star Trek theme, where the existence of lyrics is a transparent money-grab?


Everyone knows these are not the true lyrics to teh Bewitched theme. The true lyrics are:

Bewtched bewitched bewitched!

Bewtched bewitched bewitched!

Be be be, buh be-be buh be-be,
Be be be bewitched!

Be be be, buh be-be be-be-be,
Be be be bewitched!



When I was a kid a friend of mine had this book and also volume 1 which included lyrics to–incredibly–Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Since the theme was Gounod’s Funeral March of a Marionette it seems odd that someone went out of their way to add words for the TV show’s version and even odder that they were never used.


Star Trek had lyrics written by Gene R so he could take back half the money.

“As one of the composers, Roddenberry received 50% of the royalties… cutting Alexander Courage’s share in half. Not surprisingly, Courage was furious about the deal. Though it was legal, he admitted, it was unethical because Roddenberry had contributed nothing to why the music was successful.”


The Addams Family DOES have lyrics and to me they’re always

Their house is a museum
Their house is a museum
Their house is a museum
The Addams Family

(And don’t get me started on Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana Gary Indiana Gary Indiana Gary–)


Little-known trivia: there are also lyrics to the Theme from Gilligan’s Island.


That’s the one that goes…

:notes: Australians all let us rejoice… :notes:


Related aside: this is why Q exists. He couldn’t stand the notion that Dorothy Fontana was going to get full credit, so he added the Q element to Encounter at Farpoint.

TBH, as much of a fan as i am of Fontana’s stories, I would have scrapped it until later in season 1, and kept Q.


I read the headline as “Baywatch” lyrics…



The actual lyrics go like this:

Two Dicks
Two Dicks
Sa-MAN-tha had two dicks

First she had Dick York, but he died
So then she had Dick Sar-gent

(big finish)
And that’s how Samantha had
Twoooooooooo Dicks!


I unliked it so that I could like it again


Totally off topic but that article was written by Eddie Deezen, which also means I read it in the author’s voice.


Peggy Lee (Fever) did a version - I first heard it on the “Ultralounge” albums from Rhino that came out in the 90’s.


Roddenberry was always a scumbag. DC Fontana is Star Trek.


Thanks! “My heart was under lock and key but somehow they got unhitched” was the only fragment of the lyrics that survived, in my head, from the Sixties.


And from a link in the sidebar on that article there is this

It’s at about 14 seconds in


Isn’t it
"Gary Indiana Gary Indiana Not Louisiana
Gary Indiana Gary Indiana Not Louisiana
Gary Indiana Gary Indiana Not Louisiana
Gary Indiana Gary Indiana Not Louisiana


This is written by D. C. Fontana:

I’m not a huge fan of the New Voyages fanseries beyond the neat sets, and not a fan of Chekov, but I liked this one.

As a bonus, the actress who plays the Ambassador was also in The Way to Eden.