Theoretical "auto-brothel" attack on mechanics' computers could infect millions of cars

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If you can’t open it then you don’t own it


Steering and BRAKES!!! BRAKES, dammit, not breaks!


BRAKES, for crying out loud! You’re a talented, published author! :smile:

I have to take a bit of exception to your “brothel” metaphor. Not sure where you are sticking your junk, but the ones I am familiar with engage in safer-sex practices, as it is in their economic and physical interest to do so. I am convinced that I am far safer in that environment than I am picking up a random chick on Tinder or at a bar. Of course, YMMV.

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He’s posted sourcecode for such a device to Github, and showed how he could build it for $20.

And he’s still at-large? Has he found asylum with Snowden, or where?


no, no. when someone controls your steering, your car breaks automatically. :wink:


on the castle at the top of the hill.


To give the government the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they are concerned about auto bots.


Aryeh Goretsky

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