There are only three of these turtles left


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Um, that is a really strange perspective. Sort of like groundhog day, if these turtles die, it’s sixty more years of nuclear winter.


So if you artificially inseminate a turtle and it’s babies survive that means your ecological system is quite good? How does that make sense?

Hey, we still have poisoned water and sludge covering the banks but the turtles we raised are still alive so everything is ok right?


Yes, but do they taste good?


i’m afraid this story is likely to turn out like ol’ lonesome george…


It looks like that comment (yes, it was strange) came from the Chinese division director of the WCS; maybe a problem with translation? Otherwise, that division should really be on the lookout for another director.


I’m trying to make myself believe that nepotism didn’t qualify Wang for the directorship.



“As you can see, our canary here is alive and well, so this cavern is quite safe. Yes, question in the back?”
“Yeah, um, why is the canary wearing an oxygenated space suit?”
“Oh, that’s just to guarantee that the cavern remains safe.”


Only three? I better hurry and get one!


Reminds me of Mason Spencer.

In 1932, Spencer, a sportsman armed with a hunting permit, shot a rare ivory-billed woodpecker along the Tensas River on a large tract of swamp forest land owned by the Singer Sewing Company. He killed the bird to prove to Department of Wildlife and Fisheries that the creature existed in Madison Parish.


And the sewing machine, the industrial god
It’s the great god bird with its altar call


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