There's a new Polaroid camera and it's $600

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Even after 15 years, with the original manufacturing equipment, and the help of former Polaroid engineers, they haven’t actually recreated the original formula. They didn’t call it ‘Impossible project’ on a whim.

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Looks cool! I don’t see myself buying one but it does look like a quality product. Looking at this also reminds me that i need to get my dad’s old Cannon film camera from him before he tries to throw it away (again).


So they’re telling me that my zinstax back was a bargain…

(not really - still quite expensive, but it is fun)

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If this results in more and cheaper sources for SX-70 films I’m all for it.

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I feel like this impossible project instant camera is pretty overpriced. Did impossible mention what size film they’d be using? I purchased a couple of after market instax cameras a while back that can be had for much less if you do’t need top the line. The top of the line is the same price with much better features IMO. One model of the NONS cameras is quite a bit cheaper and both allow you to swap 35mm lenses. I’d rather have better glass than a fixed lens. They come in two flavors. One uses instax mini the other uses instax “large format” square film. I own both. They’re equally awesome. The 660 does have a better build of the two as it’s not entirely plastic.

Now I don’t feel so bad about the $135 I shelled out for the Graflex Instax back I got for my Speed Graphic.

high-quality (…) f1.8 lens

Max aperture is f/8 (1:8.0), not f/1.8.


Well, you had to have the field camera first. :wink: but I’m glad my deep camera fetish makes your your purchase more tolerable.

The graflex adapter looks like a nice piece of kit and I DO already have a field camera that I miss shooting with very much, but I’d probably never travel with it which i do with the nons cameras.

However I now want the graflexx adapter. Lol Shooting a smaller piece of film with a 4x5 lens would probably make for very sharp pics.

4x5 polaroids were the shit. We really took them for granted back in the day because of their “low quality” and their tendency to fade quickly without additional chemistry and they were expensive AF, but they were amazing. I think it was type 55 that included a printable negative. Amazing.

I think i saw somewhere a medium format instax adapter which actually seems like a decent fit, but i don’t own any medium format gear. I guess you might be able to find an old medium format for a decent price. Maybe it was Hasselblad specific?

Sadly Robert Crowley’s one-man attempt to revive type 55 failed. It was just way too expensive. There used to be all kinds of Polaroid adapters for MF cameras, but I don’t know about Instax. I figure the one is enough for my purposes (I do have a 'blad, though).

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If it’s half as sharp as I’d suspect, I’m sure the 4x5 serves you well. Most of the time its just fun to shoot photos, have people ask about your antique and then you hand them a print on the spot and their faces beam as if it were the first photo they’d ever seen. LOL The extreme gratification of an instant image seems to be pretty universal.


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