There's more to this homoerotic showering game than meets the eye


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Or perhaps less…


Are showering games now a thing?


Looks like a lot more fun than Shower With Your Dad Simulator. Looking at other guys dicks meant an ear boxing from my dad. I avoided showering with him at any costs.


This feels relevant :


Now that’s funny, really fucking funny!


Just look at it!


This guy is brilliant. The autoerotic driving game was great too.


You had me at “homoerotic showering game!”

You had me at “homoerotic showering game.”


I can’t believe this is a real thing. I am at a complete loss for words.



I think I’m not surprised that anything is “a thing” anymore.




why is a man showering by himself (or with a gender-neutral hand) “homoerotic?” Can women not see it?


It’s not supposed to be a man by himself or a gender neutral hand. The behind the scenes article by the game’s author tells all. Spoilers, etc.


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