Shower Game will not make you feel clean at all

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Expected a R. Kelly simulator…


Is this available for Wee and iPoo?


I got the “Wet dreams” (it duplicates anything you glob it onto), but how do you get the soap?

I pooped in a shower once. Ok, it was more than once. And it was your shower.


your user name makes so much sense now.


I found out how to slice the pineapple and managed to get a ringer on my…er, member as I dropped it.

Can’t figure out how to do the poop thing though. Is there a special button sequence or something?

up down up down A B M

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You know, I think I’ll pass on this article…

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just squat down… i think it just happens. can’t tell for sure because i turned into a gold woman at some point and everything, including what i think is poop, turned gold. i might be laying golden eggs.


I turned gold too, I don’t know how that happened but I worked out how to toggle between man and woman. I preferred woman. Also, do not use the exfoliate stuff.

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