The best way to pee into a urinal — as explained by physics




By “everyone,” you can also include those who clean any restroom that has a urinal.


I can’t say I haven’t already given this considerable thought and experimentation.


honestly, i’ve wondered about this every time i’m in front of a urinal. thank you, science!


honestly, I wondered about this the first time I splashed myself at around age 4 and figured it out with about 5 seconds of adjustments. Never again. YMMV.


This is why I love BB. It’s the simple things.


I noticed when I was in Europe over a decade ago that all the urinals had a little sticker of a fly. I found it an ingenious way to improve aim, who can resist trying to hit it every time?


Those who enjoy getting peed on can simply invert this strategy.


file this one under “no shit, Sherlock.”


I’m glad I’m not alone in making a conscious effort to make life a little bit easier for the janitorial staff.


My son (with aspergers/autism spectrum) is going to be ALL over this. I know it already.


IKR?! Home-cooked SCIENCE for the win!!


Now can science suggest an equally fun and simple strategy for avoiding the urethra-constricting anxiety evoked by peeing with your back exposed to a bunch of strangers? I mean, urinals, really, urinals? I’ll never understand the appeal.


Amazing! I will go ahead and take global warming seriously now!


Ah, but every once in a while one encounters the urinal that seems to have been engineered to maximize the splash no matter what technique one uses – it is also a known fact that the probability of encountering the pants-irrigator-urinal is directly proportional to the splash visibility factor of ones pants.


Any data on how to prevent pee from trickling down my pants after I’ve holstered my weapon? Is there a name for that? I swear sometimes no matter how long I stand there after my bladder empties …as soon as I put it in my pants another tablespoon or two comes pouring out. %&@$%! I’ve heard relaxing the anal sphincter helps but I’ve had mixed results with that method. Perhaps I need to further relax my sphincter?


This is potentially a good subject for the next study. I think we should also consider whether one’s having to stand up and speak at a meeting increases the likelihood of being splashed before said meeting. My experience suggests that it does, but that’s purely anecdotal, and has never been subject to rigorous testing.


Absolutely! I was about to post the same thing. Waiting, shaking, even blotting - still haven’t found a reliable method. “Wear darker pants” is useful to some degree. Silk underwear, the two pairs I have, are also helpful.


Typical sexist mysogyny. This in no way relates to women. You’re contributing to rape culture.


The Brigham Young University spokeman hastily added that researchers are not endorsing the idea of men touching themselves even for utilitarian reasons, and that sterilized surgical tongs should be used whenever possible.