Men: Rest your weary head while urinating


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Also suitable for men with ankles.




My theory about stuff like this is some people only ever have one idea, and think it’s FABULOUS! Then some of them pursue it relentlessly, because that’s actually their talent, not ideas. This account for many things you may see in infomercials.

I build gadgets for a living, and have lots of product ideas all the time, but relentless pursuit is not my thing.


I guess… (whatever floats your boat)


Looks sanitary enough /s


Honestly, it might reduce the pee on the floor, as they would stand closer to the urinal.


Just Men?


I realize this is oversharing, but…

This is my airplane restroom strategy. Lean in. Head on the sloped wall of the restroom with a towel separating my forehead from the wall. Off to the races I go. I find that the tripod strategy makes aiming easier when the plane is bouncing around.


You know women usually sit down to pee, right?


sounds like a great way to have people pass out in your bar bathroom


I too have a “tripod” strategy, but I’m too modest to share it publicly.


It would be a fine public service if the city would install these in alleys and on trees for those of us who cannot always make it to the so-called restroom.


I’ve begun to bend back from the waist while urinating in order to counteract the effects of sitting.


And elevators.


I see what you did there, good aim!



Needs a pad of disposable paper, like the seat covers. I’m not exchanging forehead grease with a bunch of complete strangers.


I often employ a “hand on the wall, head-on-forearm” technique if my head needs a rest because I’m gonna wash my hand afterward.


I’ve seen one of these at a bar in Germany. I liked it.