Men: Rest your weary head while urinating


This is my measure of “drunk’. If I have to rest my head when I piss, call me a cab please.


Nope, it would increase the pee everywhere, as there will be at least one Yahoo who sees a target that high as a challenge.


The present invention provides an answer to those users of urinals and commodes which find the duration of the event onerous, possibly made worse by a tired or somewhat incapacitated physical condition. Such a user of a urinal or commode will simply place his forehead against the compressible surface provided by the apparatus to effect a more comfortable inwardly leaning orientation with respect to the commode or urinal.


I rigged a padded headrest for my stereo microscope back when I had to solder teeny tiny circuit boards eight hours a day, and bending over it hurt my neck and back. I was probably just doing it wrong. I definitely wasn’t urinating on them though. That was liquid flux.



How often does one actually acknowledge the huge grease stain on the back of the movie theater pleather recliners head area? You think they actually ever wash those seats?



Pardon me! I say, pardon me concierge. Can I trouble you for a freshly laundered antimacassar or two? One for the AMC recliners and one for the urinal headrest? You’re too kind.


I’ve seen this type of ‘cushion above the urinal’ in Brazil since at least 2001. Common in mens’ restrooms in bars/restaurants - especially in Northeastern Brazil.
Not sure how this guy managed to convince the USPTO to award this patent.


I used to life in a house that had a bathroom under the stairs, so the roof sloped down over the toilet. I can confirm that when you’re really drunk it’s comfortable to piss while leaning your head against something.
If you were even more drunk, because it was a very small loo, it was possible to sit on the toilet, whilst vomiting into the sink.


sounds cozy!


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