Unicorn poop and squatty potties: the greatest viral ad in Internet history


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Bake: poop emoji "peeps"

Mmmm soft serve!


I am so tracking this comment thread.


I have this product but I’m only able to generate one color.


Try eating beets.


or lsd


Perhaps I missed it (pre-caffeine at present), but I didn’t see any link to the actual video in the post.

Unicorn Poop & Squatty Potty



You know, when I say that the need for ad blockers disappears when you don’t have awful ads, this is the kind of thing I’m thinking about. 3 minutes, happy to give it my full attention, it sounds like a good product, it was not a waste of my time or attention.



I read an article about this years ago with a free solution: lean forward as far as you can. Aim to get your head between your knees. Bam, you’ve created the squatting angle.


They’ve got to charge $30 for it to make up for what they spent on that ad. Don’t want people realizing they could buy a plastic footstool for $5 at the drugstore.

If you’ve got small children you’ve probably already got a plastic stool in your bathroom so they can reach the sink.


Or Fruity Pebbles.

Also - it’s a neat product. I have thought about trying it since I saw it on Shark Tank.


Deadly listeria contamination didn’t turn me off ice cream, but this video did.


At least now we know where the listeria came from.


I lived in Japan for a few years and had a squatting toilet. It was really not a better situation. It was uncomfortable, and it caused me more problems. There’s a reason why the Japanese have gotten rid of most of their squatting toilets and moved to sitting types. I think this whole squatting thing is a fad.


Have you not tried the Burger King Black Whooper?


But that is very different, those you have to support your own weight with your legs and poop into something like a urinal. With this, you get the stance, but your weight is still on the throne and the soft serve still ends up in the bowl of water.

isn’t it the best of both worlds?


Grape/blue-whatever Kool-Ade will give a lovely green.


The problem with this approach is that you’re no longer aiming straight down into the toilet. Do not do this if you have the runs. Don’t ask me how I know this.


The people with the real poop obsession are Belgians. Belgium is where you can buy chocolate toilet pans, chocolate poop, and where male urinals are frequently in the passage on the way to the toilets - M and F. A former colleague who was stationed there for three months found this all very embarrassing, so much that he used to say that whereas in the past Belgium’s function had been as a convenient route for the German Army to reach France without crossing any hills, what it now needed was to be turned into an enormous car park with big signs saying “Welcome to Europe.”

However…this is the sort of advert I would have imagined being devised by a Belgian.