Theresa May promises a British version of Iran's Halal Internet


Well I guess that’s another way to break the internet.


Come on people lets sing along with Avenue Q
The Internet is for Porn


Can’t be. That’s something what Germans do. But since England defeated Germany in two world wars and the Champions league, they are nauturally immune from such things.


Does the UK still have topless teenage girls in the newspaper? Just wondering.


Tit-for-Tat, huh?
Don’t we deserve it?


I hate to say this, as I’m not 16 any more (I’m 43), but I honestly think it’s elements of the older generation not understanding the Internet and how it has changed the structure of society.

I was talking to my parents about technology and how it has changed the way we learn and use information, that learning how to find the information you require is now more important than learning it parrot-fashion, but they couldn’t get past pornography and how it hurts the little children. And these are two retired social workers, both people who would have, in the past considered themselves sexually liberated.

But they’re terrified of the Internet, because they simply don’t understand it.

I was trying to explain how I think we should now be looking at educating children as early as possible the rules of “Netiquette”, even alongside the basic rules of in-the-flesh etiquette that we all begin learning as we learn to speak, as most people accessing the web for the first time now have no people helping them understand how to behave in an online environment. Hence the proliferation of trolling and bullying, and the spread of the alt-right.

But nope.
Porn is BAD! How do we stop kids seeing porn?!? HOW DO WE GET THE HORRIBLE INTERNET BACK IN THE BOX?!?

It’s soul-destroying.


Shiny AF


Man She is beating this NO PORNO drum pretty hard. Is the UK like America where one week you will hear a politician be all about family values and then next week that very politician is caught cheating on his wife. Or NO PEDOS! and then the next week the same politician is caught having gay sex with an underage prostitute?


8 Social Media Tax

What it says: A law that allows the government to impose a levy on social-media companies and communications providers to make the internet a safer place for young people. The tax is part of a broader proposal to protect data privacy and tackle cyber security.

What it means: While the fees are described as similar to the existing tax on the gambling industry, it offers no detail on which companies would be affected or the amounts in question. A levy could set a precedent for other countries amid a global push by companies, governments and the public to tackle hate speech and online bullying.

Oooh, I wonder how broadly they’ll define “social-media company”? A website with a forum?


The conservatives are so certain of their victory that they don’t have to care about whether the proposal has public support. The opposition in UK is in total disarray.



You seem a bit more optimistic about Netiquette than I am. I remember the Eternal September. The number of noobs overwhelmed those who could keep the noobs in check, so then Netiquette didn’t matter anymore. I agree, it’s important to learn, but most people won’t learn it, kinda like how people have appalling social skills in meatspace through their own fault.

Yep, pretty much this.

Then we have politicians like Trump who think that Bill Gates (or someone else) controls what goes on the Internet.


The US, not so much since they invented the Internet and live to rebel against the British even if it was hundreds of years ago. But in places like Canada and New Zealand with stronger British ties, you’re definitely going to have politicians point to this and say, “You see? We should do the same!” Australia already has national censorship firewall though I don’t think it’s quite to the point of completely unplugging themselves from the rest of the world.


The first thinker to advocate for the primacy of the national interest is usually considered to be Niccolò Machiavelli.


Do they really think this can work? They’ll need to make some consulting pacts with certain other nations that might have more experience with this kinda thing.

If I had a black market kinda mind and lived in the UK, I’d be licking my chops.


Yet again, the evidence is that the real libertarians are on the left, despite right wing attempts to steal the word away from us (some attempts more successful than others).

Anyone remember when Nigel Farage claimed that Ukip was a libertarian party?


I’m sure every English football fan who doesn’t support Manchester United or Chelsea will forgive you for that mistake.


Jesus fucking wept. I just can’t even… this is what you get from a vicar’s daughter huh?

I always said the draconian investigatory powers act wouldn’t be enough for the fuckers and this is the logical end point really. The opposition overwhelmingly voted for it so what to do? This is the country that told the gov to go fuck themselves when they wanted to roll out id cards and now nobody seems to give a toss.


… can propose anything at all from a fascist’s wet dream and still not lose. And then claim they have a people’s mandate for their crazy shit.

At this point Maybot, a.k.a Kim Jong-may (credit: John Crace) could shoot someone in broad daylight in Oxford Street and still get elected.


Fuck a fucking fuck!