Theresa May promises a British version of Iran's Halal Internet


Hi - source for that wonderful poster, please? Thanks.


Oh yeah, i think it’s from scarfolk but i’d have to check.

ETA: this site credits it to scarfolk but that’s tentative. I know i saw it on richard littler’s twitter feed and his name is on the poster (bottom right) so…

ETA2: I should’ve said that richard littler is the creator of scarfolk.


Thanks. Looked through Scarfolk, back to Jan 2016 and not seen it. I guess it’s older. Will browse further later.


I doubt it would be on the scarfolk blog though since scarfolk is an alt-1970s satire but it should be on his twitter feed around the time may assumed office in july 2016.

ETA: I mean scarfolk alludes to contemporary events but i don’t think i’ve seen a blatant reference to people from our time.


Ah. Not a twitterer, personally.

ETA but there it is on the twitter page you linked to - nearly top, front and centre. Excellent. Thanks, again.


Ah ha, found it…



Well you won’t be able to do that on the British internet!


Strength through purity; purity through faith, no?


She’s been a fervent supporter of internet censorship for a long time. I’ve always assumed that it is because there are some pictures or video of her somewhere from her younger days that she doesn’t want Britons to see.


Enough with this bullshit. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE about what the opposition may or may not be? Are you seriously going to vote for Nazis just because “eh, at least they are consistent in their plans to build concentration camps for me and my kind” ??

If you don’t like the Tories, with their deficit-tripling “austerity”, the internet censorship and the shambolic-yet-aggressive foreign policy, VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Vote whoever has the best chances to beat the tory candidate in your area, and tell other people to do the same. What have you got to lose, at this point?

Seriously, I’m sick of (typically Londoner) whiners. “Oh gawd, Lab and LibDems will never have a majority!” WHO GIVES A SHIT, they will talk and figure it out exactly like it happened 7 years ago, IT’S THEIR FUCKING JOB. “Oh, Corbyn is so unreliable!” - YOU HAVE BEEN RULED BY BORIS FUCKING JOHNSON FOR YEARS, are you serious? “Oh they’ll need SNP support, we can’t have that!” - WHY, IS SCOTLAND SUPPOSED TO BE A COLONY? Besides, Blair’s and Brown’s governments were full of Scots and people elected in Scotland, did the world end?

JESUS CHRIST, people, use your fucking brain for once. ANYBODY. BUT. TORIES.


old, angry, frightened, irrelevant people being left behind in a world they can’t comprehend. whipping at waves, tilting at windmills as we all move on.
the market forces that they so disingeneously claim to champion have already pushed them into the ditches.


“Freak a Freaking Freak!”
(Nope, doesn’t have the same ring.)


Does anyone know anyone who lives in the Haltemprice and Howden constituency? Because I want David Davis to be repeatedly asked what his opinion is on this part of his party’s manifesto, until he gives a proper answer.


Well, I wanted to write World Cup, but not being interested in football, I wasn’t sure they won any.


Oh course, your one might not get blocked by the May Language Filter.


Well, I’m not British. But I’m an anglophile and I honestly think she is bloody ruining this fine country at every turn.

So… with slogans, simple is usually best, right?

Theresa May Go Away!
Theresa May Go Away!
Theresa May Go Away!


Such things would simply become illegal.


How are you going to route around them? The Internet is not really a network it has a mostly tree like topology and this means that there is generally only a single route or a very small number of routes from place to place. And when it comes to international connections most countries have very few that can be placed under surveillance by GCHQ or the equivalent.


No. The Sun still has page three but usually not topless anymore. They do run a separate website which does have topless pictures in the same style as the ones that used to be in the newspaper.