These amazing towns and cities are completely abandoned

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There’s a fascination with these places which I can’t avoid, but there’s also some kind of balance of what we hope to see which seems strangely difficult to define. A merely empty building doesn’t fit the bill: not enough decay, perhaps. A long-ruined iron age settlement isn’t quite right, either: too much, maybe?

One of my favourite ghost towns was the village of Polphail, on the west coast of Scotland, but it was never technically abandoned by virtue of the fact that it was never occupied in the first place:


Some others I’ve visited over the years, and all of which I’d recommend should you be in the vicinity:

Ironton, in Colorado:

Cisco, in Utah.

…And parts of an old town on the far side of the valley from the main road leading up the Todra Gorge, in Morocco.


Big “Motel of the Mysteries” vibes going on here.


Most of the Earth will look like this in a 100 years, I won’t be there so will someone send me an update, that’d be great.

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Thank you for reminding me of the existence of that book. I’ve read excerpts from it, but have never read the entirety. I now have a hold placed on it through our library!


I find the sight of nature overtaking former human settlements to be really comforting, a welcome reminder that while our destructive side might destroy us, life on Earth will continue on just fine after we’re gone


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That’s a great book! I’ve got a copy on my shelf. My daughter is probably almost a good age to dive into it.

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Abandoned amusement parks and resorts always fascinate me. I think it’s because, at one point, these are places that people flocked to, eager and excited, anticipating their visit. Now, they are like that old childhood friend, with whom you at one time were inseparable, but haven’t even thought about for decades.

Pithole, PA in 1865, pop 15,000

Pithole, PA now (the only building is the visitor center)


This subject frequently pops up on MSN as space filler by LoveExploring.

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