These artisanal popsicles look cool, but they can make you very sick

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(someone had to say it, may as well be me)

(I’ll show myself out now)


Eh - it’s been done.

Moose Turd Pie.

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Talk about artisanal! Where can I buy me some?

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look cool, but they can make you very sick

Are kids still making “just like your prom date” jokes? No? OK. Never mind.

I feel I must call shenanigans; they’re all so consistent and clear. (ice-wise)

That said, I lurve the finished product. I want to unwrap one! I wish I was a sewage-eating alien.


I not seeing frozen Popsicle here. The water is clear…it’s not ice.
Maybe they used the water to get a color sample and color matched it with lucite.
Also, the display case they show doesn’t seem to be refrigerated.

Beautiful popsicles made from polluted water

So they’re “poopsicles”.

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I’m relieved to hear that the finished products are indeed acrylic. They just looked too good.

@pesco @orenwolf. Another day another doop.

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