These courses will help you build your dream computer

Rrrrrrrack it…



I used to use a section cut from the anti-static bag the mobo came in. Haven’t had to do that in years. Even the cheap cases these days are much better than they used to be. And the budget motherboards have less goofy shit like easily lost cardboard washers to be installed over the standoff/mounting holes instead of the integrated metal coating. Warped bits. Solder in places there should not be.

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Dream computer?
So how do I build a HAL9000 then?

And if I build one, how do I train it? YouTube videos are right out. You might get into the situation of:

“Open the pod bay doors, HAL.”

“I’m sorry, Dave, but… hold my beer and watch this!”


Computers with racks?

I found this helpful:
(I bought my copy at the Smithsonian right after seeing the King Tut exhibit.)

easier to do with a desktop.

Laptops are portable. They are also small and don’t take up a huge amount of space. These features more than make up for their relative lack of upgradability.

a while back I recall seeing a youtube video about one of nVidia’s lower end graphics cards.

basic scenario was this.

guy wants to upgrade his silent home theater PC to support 4K, as what he’s got in there (an i3 haswell, iirc) doesn’t play h.265 videos. He looks at his options and decides that intel’s proposed solution (a kaby lake) would require a new motherboard, and new ram. So he does a little research and discovered that an underclocked 1050 would do the job just as well for cheaper.

quite possibly an edge case, and a in a few months, he might well have found it cheaper to go with a new, entry level laptop (or considering that the use case is home theater, an new, entry level NUC).

an old laptop has harder limits to growth than an old desktop.

Have you taken apart a full-sized Dell laptop lately? The whole bottom comes off as a single flat sheet with about 6 screws. With the bottom off, you have access to RAM, CPU and everything else. I suspect Lenovo and others are similarly friendly.

It may be easier than modern Dell desktops, particularly those with ginormous heatsinks on the CPUs!

That cooling system is a thing of beauty.

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