Watch this computer case mod made of wood and rope


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Needs more RGB.


Artisanally crafted, single item batch desktop computers that are a work of art. And when they become obsolete, they stay obsolete.


I didn’t hear how much $$ he had sunk into it. Or hours of labor.


It appears most of the high-end parts were provided by sponsors, so probably not that much. YouTubers with a lot of subscribers are a good advertising investment for manufacturers who may garners many-fold more sales of their products than they provide to the channels they sponsor.

Presumably quite a lot. Maintaining a channel that popular is a full-time job. I’d be more interested to know if he has any help.


Looks like an espresso machine. And I mean that as a compliment.


My guess, because it depends on where you live and who you buy from:
Under $100 for that 3mm or 4mm aluminum sheet. Probably more like $75.
Those aluminum angles are about $15 for 8 feet of 3/4 inch. Looks like he had two of them, so about $30.
The small chunk of plexiglass should be less than ten bucks.
As for the components, he said the video card was old because he didn’t want to risk messing up an expensive one with his heat sink idea.
And motherboards are cheeeeeeap now. Go look on TigerDirect or NewEgg. You’ll see.
He also said he didn’t use a 1T SSD because the prices are too high. I just saw an Amazon special on these this morning: Mushkin 1T internal Sata SSD: $215.99. the cheapest 500GB I’ve seen is around $120.
Plus more details like ram, power supply, cables, screws and standoffs, LED lights, fans, etc etc etc… Too much shit to chase down here in this casual post.
So, my guess, if he shelled out directly for this build, is: well under $1000. Probably more like about $750 total, after handling all of the details.


You are a gem, Andrea! :grinning:



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