Datorbox is a luxury wood-cased gaming PC


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/08/04/datorbox-is-a-luxury-wood-case.html


That is beautiful, but the specs are only okay, even at the higher price.
I guess you’re paying for the beauty - which is fair enough!


My current rig has similar specs and cost about $800. Not really worth it for that much moolah even for the small form factor case. imho.
More importantly, not really sure they should be using music from Silent Hill 2 in their video like that.

For comparison:


Yay, proper Blinkenlights!


Fools and money, etc.
Pretty but not that pretty. Looks like not that much hassle to make one yourself well provided you had access to tools. Even then should be too expensive to take the basic case dimensions to a woodshop and have them make the basic form for you.


I imagine a lot of the work is mounting and cable management. Also airflow. That said this looks like a great inspiration for a Raspberry Pi case.


“Datorbox is a wood-cased gaming PC for Yorkshiremen.”


Quite. We had t’ punch t’ holes in t’ punchcards with our teeth. In t’ dark, sitting in an old septic tank!


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