These incredible trees can "walk"


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Oh, so when it’s cryptozoology you’re all into it, but straight up denial of cryptobotany :wink:


Wanna know what they call cryptobotany that’s been verified? ‘Botany’. :slight_smile:


hrum, hroom… no need to be HASTY.


If anyone in the area is the least bit genre savvy, they’ll put on eye protection before dealing with one of those things.


Tragic for the logging companies, that is.


I read about this the other day. Really would like to see a time lapsed series of this.


Yeah, tree jizz is a bitch on allergies.


thank you for giving new meaning and direction to my life! :slight_smile:



We visited Hawaii when I was a kid, and I can dimly remember learning about some sort of “walking tree.” Maybe it was a mangrove?

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