These miniature food videos are totally addictive


If you like these, you should check out RRcherrypie on Youtube.

Strangely relaxing. I could watch these for hours.

A recording of my brain while I watched the strawberry sandwich cake being assembled, frosted, and festooned:

Why am I watching this?

Why am I watching this?

Why am I watching this?

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These are making me a little hungry.

Not a lot. Just a little.


If the videos don’t feature hamsters, then they are shite :slight_smile:


The classic.

I just don’t get it. To me, these just look like a form of mental illness.

Somehow reminds me of PES’ delightful stop-motion “cooking” videos.

Part of me is fascinated by these. Lots of good detail in 'em.

Then there’s the tiny part in the back of my mind that can’t help cringing at the number of different scales of cookware, dishes, and ingredients being presented side-by-side…

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I found myself thinking, "Those sprinkles are the size of golf balls!


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