Watch big hands make tiny food


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For contrast, here’s tiny hands eating big food:


Squeeee! Though I’d say little strips of parma ham would have been better than turkey ‘bacon’.


This is such a trip!


Things that made me lose it:
Tiny bacon.
Tiny bread.
Tiny potholder.
Three drops of orange juice.


These videos make me so jealous I’m upset. I can’t make macroscopic food that looks half this good!


Shouldn’t he be feeding it to a rat or some other small omnivore? The only thing better than tiny food is a tiny critter eating tiny food.


Paging @nemomen.


Does anyone know where you score for one of those tiny cookers? We have a baba in the family is soooo needing one of those when she’s bigger so me & her can make tiny foods.


I’ve seen quite a few pictures of hamsters eating tiny cakes and things, at tiny tables.

ETA: Google: hamster tiny food. :3


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