These waterproof bluetooth headphones ship internationally - now 66% off

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provided you can bother to control under-the-water

In sheets of driven seawater and rain is the best running weather. Didn’t say moldproof but I got an angle on glasses that say ‘just deal’ someplace.


Ideal music choice:

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These actually look like they have some nice design elements. I like the simple, but useful looking magnetic clip that lets you keep these around your neck when not in use. Try that with your new Apple bluetooth ear thingies.

There are two versions, regular and “Pro”. These are the “pro” version with la onger battery life and a claim of being 66% more waterproof. The regular get mixed reviews on Amazon. And the pros have no reviews as of this posting.

For this kind of product, the devil is in the details, so I’d love to see some plausibly unbiased reviews on their performance. They could be a great value for the price, or not… (However, the 66% “discount” is ubiquitous across the net, so these are really $39 bluetooth ear buds and not discounted $120 earbuds. The illusory “discount” doesn’t legitimately enter the value proposition.)


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